I recently gave a talk at an event called The Lost Lectures. The Lost Lectures is a brilliant idea – a series of talks every couple of months, in a different venue each time. People talking, but talking in nice places.

My talk is sort of a handy guide to my entire aesthetic and everything I believe in. There’s a bit at the end – a particular line – which I accidentally skipped. I didn’t mean to, I think I was just glad to have got that far without humiliating myself too badly and in the excitement I missed a bit. So really, what you should do is watch the video right up until 11:44, then pause it, then say the following sentence in my voice:

Attention and focus and patience can take a sneeze and turn it into a page from a diary. It can take a packet of Munchies and turn it into a museum.

Here is a list of things and people mentioned in that talk (in approximate order of appearance):

“The transformative power of attention” – I’m going to use that phrase all the time. Where did that phrase come from? I must have stolen it from somewhere.

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